Current Events 3-29-12

Hello Everybody,

Many things have been happening since the union between Sussex county and New Castle county. Many plans have been set and place and the media has been paying attention to our actions. Most noticably was El Tiempo Hispano with their artical about the Press Conference in the LACC. Also, they have posted three Dreamer stories on the newspaper and website. Check out the link below.

Like stated before, events will soon be taking place in Delaware. Keep on your toes for the next few weeks.

Mark your calendars for
– April 25 @ 2p.m.
@ Legislative Hall in Dover => there will be an Education Committee Public Hearing on the DE D.R.E.A.M. Act & we need as much positive support to be there!

– June 30th (time will be posted)
@ Legislative Hall in Dover => this is VOTING DAY on the DE DREAM A…ct (aka sb 169) this is the day that Senate decides whether or not the state level dream act will pass!! This the day we’re all waiting for & We need as much positive support to be there!!

These are two WHOPPER days for the DE D.R.E.A.M. Act (a.k.a. S.B. 169) !!! & we need our communities to be PRESENT!!! NECECITAMOS NUESTRA COMUNIDAD PRESENTE!!

Our group is working hard to spread the word about S.B. 169 so please help us out as well by spreading the word..telling your friends, family, teachers, etc. & join us in the future events that we are currently in the works of planning!!

For the support we have outside of Delaware => stay attentive as we will need your support as well!

Stay close everyone!!!
Stay attentive because the DREAM IS COMING TO DELAWARE

In the mean time, Keep on Dreaming Everybody.


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