Sussex Co. Joining Forces! And an Event!!

After the excitement from the press conference last week, people from Sussex county have joined the group. This past Sunday morning, a meeting was held to greet one another and discuss future plans for the upcoming vote.

It was a rough morning due to the earliness and everybody needed to wake up, but as time passed, the ball started rolling. The first thing was the introduction of everybody and their involvement with the movement. Afterwards, we got down to business and started throwing ideas as to how to get the DE Dream Act noticed to the community. Plans and strategies were thrown at the board as it filled with ideas. Then, at the end of the meeting, we were given assignments to put the plan on action.

Overall, it’s great to see people from the south and the north joining forces for a common cause. It was a great meeting with great people.

In other news, there will be an event tomorrow to support the DE Dream Act in Sussex County. If you are able to attend, don’t wait for it and just go! This is being organized by our friends at the Radio Station 106.1 FM.

Tuesday March 20th @7PM
7 South King St.
Georgetown, DE, 19947

Remember, #Keep on Dreaming!


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