De Dream Team Meeting 02/12/12

Recently, a meeting was held by the team on Sunday night. While we did have some members absent, it was still a good brainstorm for the team and future ideas.Down below are the topics discussed through the evening.


While it does seem like a small topic to start on, it’s an important one none the less. When the group threw ideas about future events, a big obstacle came to hinder the progress. Knowing funds were low, our attention quickly turned to money, and how can we reach a substantial amount. A few ideas were thrown in there but 2 most notably grabbed our focus. Option one was a classic, bucket in a store. The second option was to make money off of YouTube. While both may take a while, it seems like great ideas in the long run.

Future Event

As stated before, the group was having a discussion on a future event. Although we had a bit of a rough start, thoughts quickly went into the board. Some ideas that personally caught my attention was “dieing” and the classic march. In the end, we had alot of ideas with a base plan on where, when, and possibly how the event was going to be.

DE Dream Act

Our biggest topic of the night was about the recent DE Dream Act Proposal brought up by Senator Marshall. Our Team Coordinator, Yessenia Tolentino, recently had a meeting with the senator himself to talk about this proposal. While not much detail can be given right now, we can say it does look good with the direction this is going towards.

As the meeting concluded, we quickly did a recap over what we have discussed and saw the progress we were making. Although it may seem small, the ball will eventually start rolling.

Martin Mejia


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